Function Transformation

Graph Transformation:

A group of students is currently learning Pre-calculus, the introduction to calculus. A part of our lesson is to understand functions and their transformation.

Graph transformation is about understanding how does the graph change if we add, subtract, or multiply a certain value to a function. To be a function, an x-value can only correspond to one y-value.

This is a function because none of the x-value corresponds to more than one y-value. 

The graph shifts upward by 5 units.  

(-2, -8) → (-2, -3)     (0, 0) → (0, 5)        (2, 8) → (2, 13)

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SAT Preparation

This term of Math Essential, our class was focusing preparing for the SAT test on the 6th of October; therefore students were independently working on different areas that they are struggling with. One of the main topics that I learned was Unit Circle.

Unit Circle is a circle with the radius of 1 with the origin of (0,0), which is used to calculate and understand the relationship sines and cosines of special triangles such as 30/60/90 and 45/45/90.

For Unit Circle the measurement of angle is in radians instead of degree, there are 2π radians, which is equivalent to 360 degrees.

United Circle with 30/60/90 triangle

Unit Circle with 45/45/90 triangle