As I carefully entered the haunted house, the door shut behind me and fog clouded my vision. I could see nothing but murky void. A gust of wind blew past me, chilling my bones. I wanted to turn back toward the door, or where I thought is the direction of the door. But cowardice isn’t my characteristic, I had to move forward. I am brave and nothing, ain’t scare me. Suddenly an ear-piercing cry echoed inside this obsidian hallway. My heart picked up speed as sweat raced down my body from head to toe.

After a moment I realized that, this high-pitch wasn’t just a screech, it was words. I couldn’t hear it properly, but I did catch some pieces, Survive – Remember. Why the heck I am here in the first place? I didn’t know. What’s sort of instinct is this, that carried my legs to this abandoned house? I still did not know the answer. I walked toward or in a direction that I thought is forward. As I walked farther down the hall, my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I started to see things. The silver of the cobwebs, dangling from the ceiling and claw marks shredded the wallpaper. A vile rotten pumpkin looking at me with a creepy smile like it knew why I am here. I tried not to look at it, its galaxy eyes were shaped glaring deep into my soul.

Can only survive by escape or remember. The sound came from the pumpkin, and this time I heard it clearly. It said, I have to choose between escaping this house or try to remember. Am I missing something? What couldn’t I recall? Can I even trust a shriek from nowhere and a pumpkin?

Remember, I chose then, I knew myself, I wouldn’t go anywhere without a purpose, and I was here without a reason. I must’ve forgotten something.

After what seemed like hours, I encountered the first room. I pushed open the door and set my right foot into the room. Out of nowhere my left foot followed. My feet acted their own, I lost control over my body except my mind.


The candles lighted themselves, illuminated the whole room, I had to squint my eyes to adjust to the brightness. I closed both of my eyes due to the light, my feet carried me onward. Then I fall into the ground as I slammed into something. I found myself on the floor looking my a handsome man with golden lock who dressed in black cloak.

He was not a human.

“I thought you’ll be out by now, no one should trespassed the voided hallway, my lady, you seemed braver than you look,” the man said amusingly, as his eyes shone mockingly.

But because me being a sassy feisty, red-head, I recovered my posture and snapped,

“No, I won’t move because I know that I come here for a reason. Beside I am a man, you blinded-dump-head.”

He laughed like a madman, mocking my words. It wouldn’t be long until he triggered me.

“Why do you came here?” he asked with amusement in his eyes, while his lip curved into a smirk.

That got my nerve, and my precious memory was coming back.

I am a hunter.

My hands coalesced into claw, I quickly kicked him right in his pretty face. He stumbled to the ground, I took his off-guard as an opportunity and ripped his heart out of his chest. Blood dripping from my now human fingers, but I did not let go of the heart. I squashed it as hard as I can. As the man let out a growl of pain, then the voice stopped at once. I killed me. I killed the werewolf. Mission accomplished.