The Ugly Truth

This story was written in the theme of “Noir” which means “Black”.  I was inspired by our society, where people judge others by look. I hope that through my writing I can help to create change. To show Respect to one another. Collaborate with one another because we are one, we are human. 

The Ugly Truth

Sometimes silence is the best sound you could ever hear. No wind, no voice. Nothing, not even his own breath. But the most important of all is, no opinion. A man with a black ragged cloak, was leaning on a tree with a hood covering his face, standing in the middle of a forest waiting for his……friends? He wasn’t anticipating to meet anybody, no one would if they were him. He stared at nothing in particular with a blank look to cover the fact that his mind was almost exploding with the possibilities of what could possibly happen. Down came footsteps that he’s dying not to hear. Emerging from behind a tree, revealing a beautiful silver haired woman with a flowy white dress that went down to her ankles. She smiled brightly at the man, quickly hugging the life out of him. Not that he has one anyway.

Her beautiful bright smile turned into a frown full disappointment, when she noticed the man’s appearance. Oh god this face again, the man mentally groaned.

“What are you wearing?! Oh god, Reality! How many times do I have to tell you, how to dress?!” yelled the woman in her high pitched voice while showing disgust on her face. So this is how she greeted our gentleman. Her elegant appearance didn’t match her words at all. The ungratefulness in her voice didn’t cause the man to show any reaction. How should he react? Shocked? But it had happened millions of times before.

Reality looked at down at his clothes, of course the torn cloak made him look like a homeless person! But…. it made him feel comfortable. He wanted to state this out but only managed to say,

“ Expectation, I’m sorry to disappoint you, I’ll err.. try to dress better?” His words came out uncertainty. Oh, how much he wanted to yell at her face to leave him alone. How he wanted to walk away, but still he stayed rigid, waiting for another harsh comment. He knew it would come soon.

“You know, I only try to help right? It’s for your sake of course! Oh god, how would people react when they see you? Oh, what an embarrassment,” Expectation said while shaking her head. Reality was nothing but confused.  He doesn’t really understand why his appearance would cause this much drama. Was it something to do with girls and their minds? Or is it just what it is like in society nowadays? Expectation looked intensely at the man, her eyes narrowed while her lips curve slightly downward then she continued,

“ You know people will judge your looks, right? ” I don’t know who can keep silent with that face in front of them without being critical.  Expectation whispered the last part to herself, and didn’t realize it was loud enough for Reality to hear.

Well, you are one of those people who are there to judge me, you are the one who can’t keep your opinion about my face to yourself, Reality thought. But once again he said nothing.

“You know what, wait until the others come! Oh, what a shame…” said Expectation while pulling out her phone. “ Pull down your hood, Society has to see your ugly face first, before she sees you in real life otherwise it will give her a heart attack! ” commanded Expectation. Seeing that Reality didn’t proceed, she harshly pulls down the hood and takes a picture. Afterward, Expectation turned to Reality, “You know you look like a homeless person,” she snickered. “And your ugliness hurts my eyes. Badly to be specific!”

Reality stayed silent, what could he do? Yell at her face for judging him, then getting judged back for yelling? Oh, he definitely can’t wait to see Society and whoever will show up. There was an awkward silence between Reality and Expectation. First of all, Reality doesn’t want to continue the… conversation? Second, Expectation keeps murmuring how hideous he looks and how horrific it is to be with him alone! Not like he wants her company anyway.  

“Oh look! The blood-shame!” exclaimed a woman with dark hair. She wears a red bodysuit with a deep v neck cut. Another beautiful woman with her unpleasant words. The woman’s words cause the man next to her to laugh like a maniac. His laughter echoes, which seems as though there are more than a person laughing. Reality was in his thoughts and didn’t even notice that new people were arriving. Well not until the humiliating insult splashed his face! Good, now we have here Society and the ungrateful man, Media. Reality didn’t see this coming, dealing with Expectation is already unwanted and now Expectation, Society, and Media at once! Reality realized that the air around him becomes a little thick, it’s getting harder to breathe. He’s scared that he’s going to become more humiliated. And on the other hand, he already knows that if he didn’t embarrass himself, other will make his life a living hell anyway.

“Oh look at his hair, was that a nest? Did any bird laid their eggs there?” asked Media while pulling out his phone. He’s going to take a picture, of course, you know to get some laughs from others by posting it on social media.  

“You know what. When people see your face they clap their hands. But, they clap their hands over their eyes,” mocked Society, earning laughter from the two friends. Expectation and Media were laughing so hard causing their faces to turn red. Reality said nothing, showing no reaction, while feeling deeply hurt inside. These are his friends, the ones that he had been with since who knows when.

“Good one, Society!” exclaimed Media heartedly. “Oh look! I just posted the picture and now there are like 1K likes, you are so famous for your twisted face!”

“You should try to learn how to photoshop,” suggested Expectation. “At least you’ll look better that way. Don’t worry we did photoshop our photos from time to time.” Would pretending to be someone will make me a happier person, would making myself prettier make me who I am? As much as Reality agreed that photoshop will make him look better which means less verbal abuses, he still wants to be himself. The truth.

“I guess so, I mean I can photoshop my ugly face but I don’t think there is a way to photoshop your ugly personality!” Reality bellowed. He had enough, it happens every time they meet. Everyone’s eyes were widely opened and their jaws dropped. Everyone is tensed, staying still including Reality himself. Reality felt as though the rock that was on his chest had finally been removed, the lightness that he feels is somewhat foreign but very satisfying. He looked around to see the reaction of his so-called-friends. Every one of them looks paler than a minute ago.

After a long awkward, uncomfortable moment had passed Media started to laugh out loud, clutching his stomach,

“We have ugly personalities? Was this suppose to be a thick joke?” he said in between his own laughter.

“Okay wow! That might as well give me a stroke. Well, true enough we aren’t the brightest but we are the bestests,” said Society with a full smile on her face. “People love us more than you! Your ugliness scares people away,” retorted Society. Good, now the three bestests think this is a joke.

“You know the only reason that people mind about your face is that it shows,” Expectation said with a smirk on her face. “Therefore, you should know why people prefer us over you.”

“Do you want to know the reason people like you three more than me?” Reality asked looking down at the ground. It’s now or never to state what’s on his mind.

“Obviously enough, we have been saying this all night long. First of all were are pretty,  good-looking, gorgeous, handsome, beautiful…… and you? I believe the devil can’t stand seeing your face without having to gag,” replied Media with a thoughtful expression, earning nods from the girls.

“No actually, the answer wasn’t even close. The reason why they prefer you over me is because…..” Reality looked at the threes in front of him one at a time. “I am an ugly truth while you are a beautiful lie.” With that Reality walked out of the group and disappear behind the trees, leaving the bestests dumbfounded on the spot.