The Year is 2563

This is a project, I did in Creative Writing Class. The instruction said to write anything that simulate in the year of 2563. Then the facilitator give us, ten words such as: space station, knuckle, interview, horse, 27, lipstick, transformation, studio, distribute, assert; and we have to use seven of those in the write. 

“Flat Station is here on your service, Lil Tobor, the Assist. And Mark Tobor, the new-ly Distribute, the chosen one with ID 2563. Where would you like to go?” the voice released from a speaker somewhere under their feet. They were in a box with all four walls surrounding them, were made out of glass. Clear without a single stained, mark, dirt; so clean you couldn’t even tell that it was there. But it was not like with the glass, they could see anything special, after all they were in a manmade tunnel, Flat Station. Mark Tobor flattened his aluminum color suit while his partner, Lil, wore an aluminum-color knee-length dress, who kept smoothing the imaginary wrinkles on her apparel. It was a big day for Mark, especially after his hard work and finally, he had became an official Distribute.      

Mark cleared his throat and said, “Immortal Institute, Please.”

“You will be at your journey in five minutes,” the device replied in its usual monotone.

Mark and Lil stayed silent for the whole journey without murmuring a single word. They didn’t know what to say to each other and they had no intention of speaking to each other either. There was no such a reminder stated about having conversation. At precisely five minutes they were there, the Immortal Institute. The glass walls were pulled down into the ground.

“Thank you” Mark said and he gestured his partner to go first. They went to the entrance of the five-story building and were greeting by a female robot.

“Welcome, Mr and Mrs. Tobor. And congratulations sir, for your transformation from an Assist to a Distribute” the female robot said with regular human voice. All robots had humans’ voices. “Please follow my lead,” it added.

As Mark and Lil walked through the Lobby, they were greeted and congratulated by the robots. Becoming a Distribute is a daunting task, you must be very adept at math, engineering, and programming. And your IQ must be at least 180. They turned right and walked down a dim hallway, and the only source of light was from the LEDs that framed each door. The robot led the two to the end of the hallway which had a double door and a sign on top that says: “OPERATION OF SPACE STATION“ all in capital letters.

“Please go through the door, John Raeg will be waiting for you,” the robot told him.    

Lil walked toward Mark and kissed him on the cheek without any emotion that indicated any feeling. This was the way of farewell. The kiss had left Lil’s lipstick on Mark’s cheek, with an instinct Mark pulled out a napkin from the inner pocket of his suit and swiped his cheek clean. Mark nodded at Lil to indicate that he was ready to be walked through the door.

Before the doors fully slammed shut, Mark heard the robot said, “Please Lil Tobor, we must get you to OPERATION OF SPACE REMOVAL.”    

“Please take a seat,” a male robot said to Mark with a hint of command in its voice, which Mark assumed to be John Raeg. Mark did as he told.

“I’m John Raeg, ID: 27 or JR27. And now let me start with some questions to see whether you are ready for the immoral life, it’s somewhat like an interview, so choose your words wisely.”

“I’m ready sir,” Mark said, looking directly at the JR27’s eyes. He straightened his back. Reminder 004: ID is for honoring the assist to the community. The lower the ID number the more important the person is.  

“Are you willing to feel pain?” JR27 asked boldly.

Pain wasn’t very common, Mark couldn’t recall when was the last time he got sick or hurt. What are they going to do? Pain? Can’t they use painkiller or something? A wave of panic rushing through his body, as his heart speeding up. The billow of questions clogging Mark’s mind, but he asked none of them. Reminder 003: No questioning the procedure. Basically he had to do what he had told.

“I am willing, sir,” Mark replied, trying to sound confident, despite how nerve racking the question was. Mark was fidgeting in his seat, popping his knuckle from time to time. Still Mark didn’t understand, to complete the process of becoming a Distribute he must be immortal. Did he have to feel the pain first, before starting his endless, unageing life?

“Lay still on the bed,” said JR27 while pointing to a bed in the corner of the room.

Mark laid on the silk mattress. JR27 came near the bed with a gun-shaped object with drill trip, screwdriver,  in one hand and a wrench in another.

“Stay still,” it reminded Mark, in its husky voice. “Remove all your clothes.”

A very strange instruction but Mark did as he was told. He closed his eyes not daring to open to see what happening. Pain, the word echoed in his head. He still hadn’t feel the pain, yet, but he knew soon he would experience it. He felt something wrapped around him, limb by limb. Then his torso, moving up to his neck, it spread to his face. Mark kept his eyes closed as he felt something was caging his whole anatomy. The something had weight, Mark found it strange when he tried to fist his hands. He could no longer sense anything, he lost his touch sense. Mark started to panick. Reminder 003: No questioning the procedure. God how much he wanted to break this reminder right now, but if he ask the dang question, he might lost his chance on becoming a Distribute.

“Pain,” JR27 said shortly.

Mark felt something touching, no digging the right side of his temple. Drilling The Space Station. JR27 touched – well used something to touch his Space Station. His Space Station, the mental thing in this temple, which he had no idea about. Reminder 001: No questioning about The Space Station. Reminder 002: No individual can touch other’s Space Station, except if it’s a part of the procedure. Is this a part of a procedure, does JR27 allow touch it?

JR27 had removed Mark’s Space Station.

“One minute, then process completes,” JR27 said plainly.

Mark’s head started to throb, in the rhythm of his heart beats. Each time more painful than the previous. Mark wanted to scream, and he did that. Scream on top of his lungs. Scream until he felt like his energy was drained. Scream until it felt as though he tore his vocal cord.

Mark felt like there was something had pushed to replace where Space Station is. JR27 put something into the right side of his temple. Something that he never knew and heard of, but somehow he knew. It called Space-bot.

It was for first time in his life, that Mark never wanted to get the answer. But he did get it anyway. Space Station, the small device that use to operate his brain. His freaking brain. For manipulate his brain! The device that made Mark unable to feel love from others or give love to other. The device that made Mark forgot that Lil Tobor is his wife. Then something hit him, Mark and Lil were just subjects. They were a part of an experiment, to find the cleverest human being, in the Tobor group. Since Mark was the chosen one, Lil must be the eliminated one. OPERATION OF SPACE REMOVAL, the surgery of brain removal. Lil died. Killed. Murdered. By robots.

Space bot, Machine brain.

Mark Tobor, ID: 2563 or MT2563 opened his eyes.

“Welcome, MT2563,” JR27 said.

“We’re honored to have you in the Distribution, I hope you know what you suppose to do.”

“Challenging the Assists to find our potential Distribute,” Mark replied instinctively.