A life of realism

I am your idea of pessimism,

I am nothing but perplex,

I’m just helping you with logic,

Am I wrong for being realistic?

My words echoed, repeatedly inside your head; over and over.

When you’re in trouble.

When tragic happened.

But most importantly when you lie to yourself.

I am not just a repetition, instead, I am a reminder. The path of truths that lead you to a solid ground. Help you to identify the difference between your imagination and reality.

But who am I to you? But what am I to you?  A hopeless nagging part of your mind?

You often tend to overthink with the perfect scenarios. You always imagine having this perfect life, where you get everyone’s attention. You get everyone’s trust. Everyone loves you, everyone respects you. But trust me, you’re lying to yourself. And admit it, you hate when people see your flaws. Your only goal in life is to reach perfection; you always desired, desire, will desire flawlessness. You live trying to achieve perfection but can only die trying. Because there is no perfection. So stop it, there will also be a disorder. Please listen to me. I am your common sense, the logical part of you. I am your kill-joy because I don’t want you to see the view through your clouded imagination.

You might hate me. You might push me away.

But remember, you can’t live without me.

I will follow you to eternity.