One Brick At A Time

In a society where girls are put in a box of glitter

To create the sparkly perfect wife and daughter

In the society where girls are given one goal

To create the charming perfect wife and daughter


You refuse to glitter and glisten

You refuse to follow, but rather head toward your own ambition

You refuse to be the princess

You refuse to wait for prince charming


In a society where girls are expected to have long hair

You cut yours short, rocking fade and taper

In the society where this act is viewed as shameful

You keep your head high, comfortable with who you are


In a society where girls are expected to have porcelain skin

You refuse to stay indoors

You stride into the villages and ocean

Helping others and preserving marine life


In a society where girls are expected to be silent

You refuse to stay quiet

You know that your voice should be heard

You know it’s important to change this fixed-society


You know that empowerment is necessary  

Female empowerment

LGBTQ+ empowerment

Will empower all humans


In a society where these acts are viewed as rebellion

You smile brightly in the face of cultural constraints

Because you know that these small acts

Are removing the bricks built to barricade girls


One brick at a time

One step forward

One girl striding

One voice of encouragement does create change.